Best Western Plus Inn of Hampton Beach New Hampshire

Inn of Hampton Conference Center Policies and Procedures

Food & Menu Selections

  • All food and beverages are to be supplied by an approved caterer of the Inn of Hampton Conference Center.
  • Menus are to be selected four weeks prior to your event directly from the caterer.
  • Insurance regulations prohibit outside catering services or delivery services not approved by The Inn of Hampton Conference Center for any event being held at our facility. (The only exception to this rule will be wedding cakes.)
  • All food prepared by approved vendors of the Inn of Hampton Conference Center my not be taken off the premises due to insurance and health code regulations.

Our Beverage Policy

  • The Inn of Hampton Conference Center strictly enforces the liquor laws of the State of New Hampshire.
  • The Inn of Hampton Conference Center must supply all alcoholic beverages through their approved vendors only.
  • The Inn of Hampton Conference Center reserves the right to limit and control the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed by guests.
  • We do not serve shots of alcohol of any kind.
  • We do not serve drinks that have more then 2 liquors.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed to leave the Conference Center for consumption in public areas or on the immediate property.
  • New Hampshire Liquor laws prohibit Conference Coordinators and Conference guests from supplying their own alcohol.


 A guarantee of the exact number of guests is required 14 days prior to the event for all functions. Guaranteed final count cannot be reduced once given; additional guarantees are granted up until 7 days prior to the event. Some menu items are not as readily available as others so, in some cases, we will be firm with the deadlines for increases.


Without established billing privileges, all functions must be prepaid, prior to the event. Credit approval for direct billing must be authorized through the General Manager of the Center. Payment must be in the form of cash, certified check, personal check or credit card. A $50.00 service charge will be assessed on all returned checks. Payment for room rental is due 2 weeks prior to the event with a deposit of 20% due at contract signing.

Banquet Rooms

Minimum requirements and room fees exist with the use of our function rooms. Please inquire at our sales office for specifics. All events end at 11:00 pm ~ maximum length of event ~ five hours. Any additional after the five hour limit is by pre-approval and will comply with town laws and will be subject to an additional charge. Floor plans must be pre approved by Best Western PLUS The Inn Of Hampton & Conference Center staff two weeks prior to the event, and is subject to change.

Conduct of Event

In compliance with applicable laws, regulations and The Inn of Hampton Conference Center rules, the client assumes full responsibility for the behavior of their guests. The client also assumes responsibility for any damage done to the property of The Inn of Hampton Conference Center.

Display and Decorations

All displays and or decorations proposed by guests must be approved. There will be no glitter, little sparkles, confetti or birdseed. The Inn of Hampton Conference Center will not allow the affixing of anything to the walls, floors or ceiling of the rooms with nails, staples or any other substance unless pre approval is granted. All candles are to be protected by glass globes. The Inn of Hampton Conference Center will not be responsible for any articles left after the event.

Because we care, The Inn of Hampton Conference Center maintains a smoke free environment.